Enterprise Architecture & Design

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We combine the powers of design and architecture to help build companies that are user-centric, tech-enabled and that create ecosystems – not silos.

We apply a design-driven approach to describing and framing business models, IT landscapes, products and services, typically taking a distinctly customer-centric view.


We believe Enterprise Architecture has the potential to fundamentally transform enterprise architecture as it is currently practiced.

Our services include:


Envision & plan business / IT initiatives to deliver tangible business outcomes.


Drive cost efficiency & agility by leveraging best in class technology.


Enhance architecture-based capabilities & make it actionable.


Enhance core systems to drive digitization, agility & new business capabilities.


Future-state architecture & platforms to drive new business models.

Discover our accelerators if you want to use EA to tackle business challenges in a hands-on manner, or if you want to start using an EA-driven approach.

If you would like to know more about our Enterprise Architecture & Design services please contact:

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Niek de Visscher

CEO Benelux