Business evolution is key

Whether you are expanding fast or simply needing to update the way your business does things to keep pace with or outrun the market, evolving your business is crucial.

We take care to ensure your business can adapt to change by making transitions seamless & implementing solutions that are future forward & consumer focused.



The European market leader in value for money fitness clubs, Basic-Fit, is rapidly evolving. They came to us with no single source of truth or way of working & a ballooning workload in the HR departments across their rapidly growing network of clubs. They needed a solution, fast.


Global, centralized HCM system implemented

20% savings in software

19% savings in implementation


Discovery Phase

We brought in our experts in IT procurement, project management & IT solution architecture to get a full understanding of their pain points and map out the current state of their HR systems architecture. It was clear that consolidation & automation of systems was needed & that their process needed to evolve to keep up with the pace of business demand.


Targets & Planning

We worked with HR & the senior management team to map out a new employee journey & compared it to the current situation. This helped us to create a future state design that ensured a smooth integration and a future proofed digital eco-system for the HR department that supports their evolution as a company instead of hindering it.


Design & Iteration

We created a comprehensive functional & technical requirements list & prioritized it based on actual business & IT needs. This created a detailed & structured RFP document that ensured we would get the right partner, with the right solution at the right price.


Guide, Build, Advise

We supported, advised & guided them through a thorough RFP process & engaged our expertise & knowledge in the negotiation process for a new global HCM system

Team Leads:

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Services Provided:


Software Selection 

Core Technology Modernization

Process Optimization

Enterprise Architecture