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Growth is a key factor to success & maintaining it is one of the greatest business challenges. Innovating, being consumer-centric and leveraging technology as a growth enabler are all essential.

Lucky for you, that's what we do.

We have years of experience & expertise in helping  businesses reach & exceed their targets through programmes focused on everything from supply chain efficiency to consumer experiences & everything in between.


With the retail landscape changing as rapidly as technology & the needs of consumers this global sports brand challenged us with updating their 3000 stores to be more in sync with the consumer by digitizing the shopping experience. With different supply systems, data management & stand-alone digitalization initiatives, this was a real challenge.



Highly cost efficient and on time delivery of a to be considered cutting edge retail experience including the Adidas flagship store on Oxford Street, London

Automized rollout processes

Global service model


Discovery Phase

We held a series of workshops with key stakeholders & gathered key strategic information & consumer research to understand the status quo, where the brand wanted to go & the exact scope of the challenge.

This gave us focus and a clear role in a huge global project to deliver a fully scalable system that connected the experience in their stores globally.


Targets & Planning

We identified the right tools, equipment, services & implemented a business integration solutions partner who helped to source devices, pre-configure, install & offer service & support.

We then defined a global content management system design for digitally led content at the point of sale. Our focus was to automate distribution, reduce manual effort & effectively repurpose existing content to better control costs.


Design & Iteration

To prepare for global roll-out we tested systems & configuration vigorously & piloted solutions to create an accurate roll-out plan. We also put in place a hybrid service model that not only guided the use & management of the devices but also served as a tool for new equipment & tools to be onboarded into an existing infrastructure that could grow & adapt over time.


Guide, Build, Advise

We collaborated, guided & advised our client & partners throughout the implementation process & with a detailed plan we were able to be highly cost efficient & on time. The 3000 stores included flagship locations considered to be at the cutting edge of retail experiences today.

Team Leads:

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Services Provided:

Digital Experiences


Software Selection

Emerging Technologies

Process Optimization